One of the things I hear most from the women who come to work is that they are tired. Tired, worn out, fatigued, with low energy levels – finding it hard to sleep, to work out, to do it all, while still feeling happy, enthusiastic and at their best. So many women are looking to boost their energy levels. Low energy often comes down to poor nutrition, not eating enough or enough of the right foods, and poor quality sleep – thankfully, BioWellness’ Opti-Age addresses all of these issues and I’ve seen many women transformed into go-getter, turbo-charged, super women within weeks. However, there are some extra additional life hacks you can layer on top to really access all your energy reserves.

Now, you know that I don’t recommend sugar or most sweeteners, so this popular remedy for low energy are off the table. Not only is sugar toxic for your hormones, it’s only going to make your more tired in the long run, by overloading your adrenals and burning you out. In fact, if you find yourself chronically fatigued, even after trying my suggestions and getting a decent night’s sleep, you may be suffering with Adrenal Fatigue.

I believe in deep, extreme self-care and excellent sleep. But as a relatively new mom, I can totally sympathize with those of you who find this difficult! As someone who has in the past couple of years frequently felt a little sleep-deprived, I have become the master of boosting my own energy levels so I can keep going throughout the day – manage my business, take care of my daughter, support my husband, and take time to myself.

The 5 Favorite Ways to Boost Your Energy

  1. Fall asleep faster and wake up less groggy: Mix organic, concentrated tart cherry juice and Gaia golden milk powder for a warm drink before bed. Tart cherry juice has been shown to help you fall asleep faster  and the turmeric helps your body with all the detoxing and regenerating it does overnight in the early hours of the morning. You will wake up feeling more rested and more refreshed. A good night’s sleep is foundational if you’re looking to boost your energy.
  2. Daily cardio to flush cortisol: Cardiovascular exercise every day will help you to have more energy. It seems counterintuitive, but it actually really works. There’s plenty of research to show regular exercise reduces fatigue. You don’t need a lot of time for this – I recommend taking the opportunity once every hour or so to simply run in place for 60 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of jumping jacks, 60 seconds of windmills, and 60 seconds burpees – repeat the same circuit twice. Even a small amount of high intensity exercise will help increase your energy levels and overall fitness as well as give you an instant stress reducing, cortisol flush.
  3. Eat every 2 hours: If you are prone to low energy slumps, one key is to not let your blood sugar levels drop below stasis. You can do this by snacking on energy boosting foods, and making sure that you eat every two hours. In one day this can look like – a small breakfast when you wake up, followed by a protein smoothie, then lunch, then a high protein snack, and then dinner.
  4. Take a B-100 Complex: A deficiency in B vitamins is a common cause of low energy and fatigue. B vitamins are crucial for so many metabolic functions that when you’re deficient you really feel it. As well as taking a good B vitamin complex daily, you may also need extra B12. Sardines, grass-fed beef, eggs, and salmon all have high levels of B12.
  5. Swap coffee for an energy boosting smoothie: I know that going without coffee when you’ve been dependent on it for so long can be a struggle. But the constant exposure to caffeine actually depletes your adrenals over time making your fatigue much worse. This smoothie will give you sustained, slow-releasing energy all morning. Whiz up a banana, raw cacao, blackberries, raw oats soaked overnight, and cashew milk. You can add in a small spoonful of maca for an additional boost.


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